Wednesday, December 15, 2004

Holiday Season? Time to get Drinkin'.

Last night, I went to the Delancey for a party with my cousin, who works for the PR firm Girlie Action. Via Gina was invited because I had a feeling it would be her sort of scene, but unfortunately she came down with a case of Whooping Suck-Ass and had to stay home for the night with television and a burrito and I went by myself. (The roommate is dead to me. At least until he stops coming home from work at 2am. And he wonders why he keeps hooking up with office mates. Yeesh.) Very fun- open bar and a fireplace were more than enough to warm up after the -10 degree windchill off the East River on the walk up Delancey St., and I think it might have been the best people-watching spot in town. Well, after the crowd for the Hawk-Vigil. They sound like a lively bunch. (And who wouldn't want to hang out with Mary Tyler Moore?)

Update: Yeah, I know where the party's at. [via Gawker]


Blogger Gina said...

for your information, i did not have a burrito. i had cold tuna casserole, i.e., pasta, canned tuna, frozen peas, and mayonnaise, i.e., all the edible stuff remaining in my apartment mixed together. so there, smartypants.

December 16, 2004 at 6:04 PM  

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